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Any discrepancy in the Rollno/Name/Registration should be brought to the notice of A.R(Academics)/OIC (Evening) on the prescribed proforma within 7 days of the notification. For Discrepancy in Marks, apply for Rechecking.  For Sessional Marks,  contact concerned Teacher / HOD.


No. Date
------------- Some Consolidated, Revised and Discrepancy Result of B.Tech. 506 08/04/16
Dec-15(O-15) First semester back paper result of 2K14/SPD/13 506 08/04/16
Dec-15(O-15) Ph.D. Course Work Result of 2K11/PHDCO/12 505 07/04/16
Dec-15(O-15) Ph.D. Course Work Result for the Exam Held in Nov/Dec-2015 504 06/04/16
Dec-15(O-15) Discrepancy Results of B.Tech. Ist Semester(Back Papers) 503 05/04/16
--------------- Some Consolidated, Discrepancy, Withdrawl Results of B.Tech./B.Tech.(Eve.) 503 05/04/16
Dec-15(O-15) Some New and Revised Result of B.Tech. 502 01/04/16
Dec-15(O-15) Consolidated Result of 2K10/CEEE/111 501 29/03/16
Dec-15(O-15) Fifth Semester Result of 2K13/THE/25 501 29/03/16
--------------- Some Consolidated Result of B.Tech. 500 23/03/16
Dec-15(O-15) Consolidated result of 2K10/EC/38 499 18/03/16
May-15(E-15) Revised result B.Tech.(Eve.), 2K11-15, ME sem 8 499 18/03/16
Dec/Sup-15(O/S-15) Some discrepancy result of B.Tech. 498 15/03/16
May-15(E-15) Revised consolidated result of (2K11-15 Batch B.Tech.(Eve.) Civil Engg. -17 nos. 497 14/03/16
---------- Revised result(2K12/CECE/15-Sem VII), Discrepancy result(2K11/CEEE/130-Sem VI) 496 11/03/16
DEC-15(O-15) M.Tech. 3rd semester result 2K14-VLS and some final(IV) semester result of GTE(2K13/GTE/8,22) 496 10/03/16
DEC-15(O-15) Year back and some back paper result 495 09/03/16
AC-101   AP-101   ME-101   CO-101   EE-101   EN-101   ME-105   HU-101   MA-101   ME-103
DEC-15(O-15) Some consolidated result of B.Tech and back paper result of 2K10/AE/039 494 08/03/16
DEC-15(O-15) Discrepancy result of B.Tech.(Eve.)(2K14/CECE/22,33) 494 08/03/16
MAY/DEC-15(E/O-15) Some final semester result of M.Tech./M.Tech.(PT) 494 08/03/16
DEC-15(O-15) Some Discrepancy Result of B.Tech. and Result B.Tech.(Eve.) V Sem IT 493 04/03/16
DEC-15(O-15) Some Discrepancy Result of B.Tech. and B.Tech.(Eve.) 492 03/03/16
DEC-15(O-15) B.Tech. Third Semester Back Result 491 02/03/16
DEC-15(O-15) Some Final Semester Result of M.Tech.(FT/PT) 491 01/03/16
DEC-15(O-15) Discrepancy Result of 2K11/CE/72 -VII Semester 491 29/02/16
DEC-15(O-15) B.Tech. Fifth Sem Back result 490 26/02/16
DEC-15(O-15) B.Tech. First Sem Back result 490 26/02/16
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