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Consolidated Result of B.Tech. ( EE, CE, EN, SE) - 2K11 Batch
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Examination Branch: It is one of the duties of the University to hold examinations and confer the degrees and other academic distinction on persons who fulfill the requisite qualifications/ conditions. The Examination Branch of the University therefore is the backbone of the University.   Read More

Consolidated Result of B.Tech. ( EE, CE, EN, SE) - 2K11 Batch

Some More Consolidated Result of B.Tech. and B.Tech.(Eve.)

Some M.Tech. Final Semester Result 2K13 Batch

Some M.Tech.(P.T.) /B.Tech./ B.Tech.(Eve.) Result

Consolidated Result B.Tech.(Eve.) - 62nos.

Consolidated Result B.Tech. { CO, EL(2K11/EL/174) } and Some Discrepancy Result

M.Tech. Conslidated Result (2K11/SPD/27), Consolidated Result MBA, 2K13 Batch

B.Tech. VI Semester Result CE; M.Tech. Final Semester Result and Some Discrepancy Result of B.Tech. and B.Tech.(Eve.)

B.Tech. II Semester Back Paper Result

M.Tech. Consolidated (CSE-13, SWE-4, PSY-4), Final Sem (C&I-6, ISY-1, MOC-2, PSY-5, SPD-1, SWE-2 ) and Second Semester Result ( PSY,STE, IBT, THE)

Consolidated Resulte PTE and some Final Semester Result of M.Tech; B.Tech. IV Semester Back Paper Result

B.Tech. VI Semester Back Paper Except CE and some Discrepancy Result

M.Tech.(Part Time ) Semester Result ( PIE-II/IV, SPD-II/IV, CSE-II ) and Some Discrepancy/Revised Result of B.Tech.

M.Tech. Final Semester Result

B.Tech. Consolidated Result Branch : EC, PS, EP

B.Tech.(Eve.) Result (Branch : CE, Sem : IV, VI) , Exam Held : May/June-2015

M.Tech. { NST,BME,SPD,PIE(Back Only) } II Sem Result and EMBA IV Semester Result , Exam Held : May/June-2015

M.Tech.(Part Time- SWT) IV Semester Result , Exam Held : May/June-2015

B.Tech.(Eve.) II, IV, VI Semester Result , Exam Held : May/June-2015

Conolidated Result of B.Tech.(AE, PE, MC)

Result declared B.Tech. IV Semester(CE, SE) and VIII Semester (SE 6 cases ) exam held : May/June-2015 and Conolidated Result of B.Tech.(ME)

Result declared M.Tech. II semester GTE, VLS, CDN and B.Tech. II semester; exam held : May/June-2015

Result declared B.Tech. IV semester except CE and SE, B.Tech.(Eve.) VIII semester exam held : May/June-2015)

Result declared B.Tech. VI semester except CE , M.Tech. II semester 11 branches, MBA (II/IV) and EMBA II semester exam held : May/June-2015)

Some Discrepancy, Revised and Final Sem Result of M.Tech./M.Tech.(PT)

Result Declared 8th Semester Except AE, ME, PE

Result Declared 8th Semester AE, ME, PE

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